May 8, 2020

Stop Wasting Time with Cherry Picking Leads (Do This Instead)

Are you wasting time with cherry picking leads?

We were too.

FlipForms was originally built for our internal media buying team. We pushed seven figures through our form builder last year, stretching it and finding gaps. The idea was that it needed to be a self cleaning oven.

When we first launched, conversion rates were the first thing that went up. It was about a 30% increase overnight.

Unfortunately, we still had an issue with people filling in bogus data that wasn't selling to lead buyers. This lead to wasting hours (including weekends) cherry picking leads. If you've ever spent time cherry picking leads, then you know how it gets old real fast.

The Correct Lead Data the First Time

We originally thought that people in the business just pick leads. It's part of the job.

Once we told our dev team what we were doing, they were appalled.

"Stop wasting your time! Let the software do this for you."

Our team pushed simple updates that made a BIG difference. We haven't cherry picked a lead in almost a year.

Real time data verification eliminated major issues.

From real time data verification, to rearranging questions so that users were in less of a hurry, we were able to eliminate bad data and maintain high conversion rates with our mult-step lead gen forms.

Building our these layers into FlipForms were all small steps. We didn't shotgun approach it. Simple modifications were taken, tested, and modified. This is how we also created the highest converting personal loans offer for a major affiliate network.

Less cherry picking leads meant that more leads were matching with lead buyers in real time, maximizing monetization and increasing margins.

Eliminate Wasted Time - Build Better Lead Gen Forms

If you're struggling with time wasters like cherry picking, then you're leaving money on the table.

During these times, your only option is to build up cash flow - not burn it.

What areas in your business are lagging behind? Where could you improve right now?

Of course, we believe it starts with building better lead generation forms. 2020 could be a massive year for your performance marketing agency. Maybe that begins with rethinking how your team uses their time (and your company's money).

Are you ready to join the top performance marketers, affiliate networks, and advertisers? Schedule a demo today!

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