July 21, 2021

Visiqua Acquires Lead Form Automation Platform FlipForms

Evolving Lead Generation

Visiqua is proud to announce the acquisition of FlipForms, a form builder and automation management
platform. As the acquisition is a natural product fit, Visiqua will be adding FlipForm’s services to its
existing tech stack. Through the acquisition publishers and website owners will now have access to build
lead forms for existing websites while tapping into Visiqua’s private lead generation marketplace. By
streamlining services, publishers and website owners now have the tools to customize the user
experience, become a publisher in Visiqua’s ecosystem while capturing compliant data through lead
verification services.

The Growth and History of FlipForms

FlipForms, launched in 2019, was originally intended for internal use only. Through market research and
client requests, FlipForms went to market as a standalone product for those who manage numerous
forms on multiple websites. By adding FlipForm’s services into Visiqua’s tech-stack, publishers and users
from many verticals can benefit from this transparent service. Those in insurance, home services, real
estate, finance, mortgage and more now have one location for form A/B testing, lead funnel
optimization and real-time analytics.

From the very beginning, FlipForms was intended to be able to give small and medium sized publishers
tools they needed to successfully capture lead information securely, quickly, and at an affordable price.
FlipForms allows publishers and website owners to deploy high performance forms within minutes, not
weeks or months. We believe that Visiqua's ability to close the monetization loop with a variety of
products is the perfect fit for FlipForms customers and vice versa.
” Kevin Ekmark, CMO, FlipForms.

Visiqua’s One Stop Shop for Lead Generation

Along with this acquisition, Visiqua will continue to offer holistic lead generation campaigns for
publishers, advertisers, and partners. The FlipForms product will be the first step in creating a lead
generation campaign providing the infrastructure needed to scale online presence. Publishers now have
a simple building process resulting in quick launch customer acquisition campaigns.

The additional of the FlipForms platform to our tech-stack will bring in new revenue streams, allowing
us to service new partners and simplify the site building process. This in turn will grant our publishers
the opportunity to faster testing with less cost
,” David Walsh, President, Visiqua.

The Future of Performance Marketing

Innovation runs deep at Visiqua, showcasing 2020 developments with two award-winning platforms.
This acquisition is another example of Visiqua investing in performance marketing technologies. By
adding FlipForms features to the campaign building process, Visiqua will now allow for better
conversions and maximum yield for publishers. This is just one of the many product developments
Visiqua will be making to pioneer the future of performance marketing in 2021.

In the future, the FlipForms product and services will be added as an additional feature in Visiqua’s
existing platforms like Clicks to Convert. This in turn will make integrations and analytics work more
efficiently while launching new campaigns in real-time.

Learn more about Visiqua, the acquisition and all Visiqua products on our website or read more about
the FlipForms/Visiqua acquisition here.

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