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Conditional Logic

Create smarter, more specific forms. With conditional logic, you can build forms that generate data more efficiently by adapting to the answers your users give.
The Right Questions
Eliminate irrelevant questions. Hide the questions you no longer need based on the answers your users provide.
Personalized Experience
Personalize each user’s experience. With easy-to-apply logic, you can create shorter and more relevant forms.
Maximized Lead Value
Increase the value of your data. Adjust your questions in real time as your data needs shift.

Landing Pages

Target multiple users with the same form. While every user starts with the same question, you decide where they finish based on their answers. Combine conditional logic with specific landing pages to tailor your forms so that people only interact with information relevant to them.
Upgrade your form building. With unique landing pages, you can make a single form multi-purpose so that users provide more specific data.
Build specific thank you pages. Adapt your forms specifically to your users. Their answers will lead them to a thank you page tailored to the answers they provide.
All-in-one Place
Host specific pages under a single domain. Now you can gather important information, like disclosures, terms of use, and privacy policies, all in one place.

Easy Integrations

Streamline data collection so your teams can stay focused. We’ve partnered with today’s best form integration tools to make it simple for you to capitalize on the leads you collect.
No Code
No coding required. Using FlipForms is easy as one-two-three. Simply build your forms, add them to your software, and start collecting data.
Instantly populate your CRMs and lead distribution systems. Connect your forms to popular apps like Hubspot, Salesforce, Cake, and others to send data directly to your sales or marketing teams.
Discover choke points. Analyze leads in real time to improve your conversion rates by seeing where people get stuck in your forms.
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