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More forms, more leads, more conversions and more monetization without the need for coding or heavy development. No catch and no large money spend. Just Flipforms.
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Flipforms provides pre-made, easy-to-use templates for you to use in your form building process

In the solar, insurance, mortgage, and or home services industries? We’ve got you. Choose a template that is specific to your vertical.
Pre-Made Templates
Personalize your templates to fit your specific vertical needs with built in questions and conditional logic form flows
A/B Testing
Learn how your users are interacting with your form and what questions are performing best
Built-In Compliance
Have your forms built with compliance without any heavy lifting

Conditional Logic

Create Smarter, More Specific Forms that enhance your data AND the user experience.
The Right Questions
There are no stupid questions. But there are irrelevant ones! Hide the questions you no longer need based on the answers your users provide.
Personalized Experience
Tailor each user’s experience with specific forms, questions and landing pages relevant to them.
Maximized Lead Value
Adjust your questions in real time to increase the relevance and value of your data.

Performance Analysis

Data speaks volumes. View form results to analyze strong points and strategize areas of improvement.
More Traffic
Is the form on your audience’s radar? View how many users visit your form to diagnose its appeal.
More Leads
Run A/B tests to leverage the most successful versions of your forms to generate more leads.
More Conversions
Analyze leads in real time to adjust forms accordingly and improve your conversion rates, helping you optimize your ROI.

Third-Party and In-House Integrations

Seamlessly connect forms to CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and CAKE as well as use TrustedForm and Jornaya to make your forms TCPA compliant. And that’s not all! Build multiple pathways for monetization with our sister softwares.
Tap into a call campaign by adding a phone number to your site via Calls to Convert.
Connect to Clicks to Convert and embed click listings within your Thank You pages.
Leverage your resources and sync with Leads to Convert, transporting you to the marketplace of selling live and aged leads.
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