April 20, 2020

How Can Your Performance Marketing Agency Thrive? Move Faster.

We keep hearing stories about performance marketing agencies struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's heart breaking to hear about layoffs. There's no doubt that times are tough for everyone.

What if now was an opportunity?

Last week, I mentioned that some of our newest customers were once focused on mortgage and personal loan lead gen. They're not the only ones launching FlipForms. Former employees and affiliates that once relied on affiliate networks are building out their own offers. The market is shifting fast, and these are the people that are creating their own opportunities.

Speed Wins for Former Affiliate Marketers

There are two types of business models right now.

  1. The performance marketing agencies staying the course
  2. The performance marketers moving FAST

Thanks to our preferred partners like PX, LoanBright, and ActiveProspect, performance marketers are moving fast. They're building multi-step lead gen forms in minutes, customizing them for their brand and their buyers, and resuming their lead generation.

Are You a Performance Marketing Agency?

Opportunities exist for performance marketing agencies too. Not only can you move faster into new verticals and offers, but you can also increase margins. One of our newest customers will end up saving over $100,000 in agency fees for custom form building. Use your existing relationships with affiliates to provide the newest offers first, and keep going strong through this global crisis.

Get started with a trial, start testing, and grow your business.

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