February 17, 2020

Smarter Thank You Pages Make More Money

If you're in the performance marketing industry, then you know all about click/rate tables and thank you page monetization.

These services are provided by companies like Transparently (formerly Renuant), Media Alpha, Clicks.net, Quinstreet, and more. The idea is that after a lead processes through your form, you send them to a rate table. The user clicks, and then you get paid.

How much would a $0.50 per click bump increase your margins this year?

This means that you get paid for the lead + the click(s) on the thank you page.

Pretty simple, right?

Here's a problem: All of these services payout differently for different attributes. Rates can change daily.

How to Maximize Your Thank You Page Monetization with Redirects

Instead of funneling all of your thank you page traffic to one provider on Monday, and then switching all of your traffic to another on Tuesday, why not route your thank you pages more intelligently?

With FlipForms, we made it simple for customers to create thank you pages and rules for those thank you pages based on user responses to questions. This allows you to maximize your thank you page monetization based on certain attributes.

For example: Quinstreet might out pay Media Alpha for leads that have served in the military. So you would route all of your traffic that said "Yes" to a military service question to Quinstreet.

This simple way of switching from rate table partners allows you to maximize your earnings on thank you page clicks.

How much would a $0.50 per click bump increase your margins this year?

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