March 19, 2020

Form Building for Performance Marketers

Before building FlipForms, we were running traffic (as performance marketers) to custom built forms, Gravity Forms (WordPress), and other out of the box solutions.

It was horrible.

Everything kept breaking and data never passed through. Building new forms took forever. It didn't take us long to figure out that we were losing money by fiddling around with the wrong tools.

Thankfully, we're pretty good at making software.

Common Problems for Performance Marketing Companies

After speaking with friends in the industry, it sounded like we weren't alone. By this time, we had started building and using FlipForms.

We ended up learning that our forms were the highest converting forms for some networks. As companies started to hear about our form technology that we built for ourselves, we started to learn more about core issues that performance marketing agencies were having with their own forms.

Common issues:

  1. Development time of a new form took 30-90 days
  2. Duplicating, testing, and editing took just as long
  3. There was a lack of insight into how users interacted with their forms
  4. Tracking was a nightmare
  5. The development overhead was extremely high

Does this sound familiar?

Here's what we figured out:

  1. We can deploy a new form in 5 minutes with over 50 unique values
  2. Duplicating a form is even faster
  3. We know exactly how long it takes for a user to convert, what the conversion rate is, and what questions commonly cause drop off
  4. Integrations for tracking are simple - an intern can do it
  5. Our smallest customers tell us we will save them six figures a year in development overhead

Got traffic?

FlipForms was built for performance.

Our goal is to help performance marketing and high lead volume enterprise companies increase their revenue and margins by providing a form building solution that helps increase conversions and lower their costs.

Spend less time pulling levers, and more time on marketing.

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