February 21, 2020

Mastering Facebook Audience Building for High Performance Lead Gen

Facebook + Lead Gen can be a massive headache.

If you're a performance marketing company, I'm sure you've dealt with link tracking and redirect issues, banned ad accounts, and audience building nightmares.

Does this sound familiar?

I'm going to tackle audience building in this first post, because it has been a massive source of better payouts, higher quality, and lower CPL's for me in the past.

Ditch the Standard Lead Event in Facebook

The standard Lead Event in Facebook Events Manager is an okay choice if you're running simple traffic for a small business. If you're generating some serious volume though and you are using multiple Facebook accounts at your agency, then it's a NIGHTMARE. You might already notice that the event misfires or doesn't match up to your CRM/Lead distribution system.

Ditch the standard Lead Event (don't include it in your pixel script) and use the PageView Event only.

Custom Conversions Are Your Friend in Facebook

When you switch from depending on the standard Lead Event to Custom Conversions, a whole new world of Facebook Ads optimization opens up. This is where things (aka your wallet) become more interesting.

We prefer Custom Conversions at FlipForms because we recommend using thank you pages specific to your audiences. This can help improve monetization on the backend.

For example, if your form asks a Credit Score question, you might want to create a Thank You Page for each answer. You will then want to create a Custom Conversion for the URL Slug you use for your thank you page.

This step can help significantly with your conversion optimization (not your audience building... I'm getting to that part).

Building Your Custom Audiences with URL Parameters

Now that you have your custom conversions set, it's time to create your audiences. Part of this process has been made easy because your leads are now redirecting to specific thank you pages. Your most basic audiences can be built off of anyone that hits your thank you page slug (ex. /thank-you).

This becomes more advanced when you begin to build audiences based on URL parameters passed to the Thank You Page.

Let's start with our earlier example regarding Credit Score audiences.

We built FlipForms so that you can easily pass the values to questions through to your thank you pages.

Most Facebook advertisers will want to create audiences like this to maximize their ad spend.

For example, let's say you want to create an audience based on people that answer "Excellent" to your credit score question.

By passing "creditscore=Excellent" in your thank you page URL, you can use your Facebook pixel to build an audience from that value passed through.

Your thank you page URL might read like this: example.com/thank-you?creditscore=Excellent

Your Audience can be based on "creditscore=Excellent", so that Facebook logs those users.

The possibilities and combinations that you can create are limitless. You will now be able to create audiences based on a variety of values that you want to target (or exclude) using Facebook Ads.

This methodology can be translated over to Google Display Ads (GDN), LinkedIn Ads, and other platforms as well.

Have questions about running Facebook Ads to FlipForms? Contact us today!

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